How I Made Exercise a Habit

March 4, 2017


We've all been there. "It's a new year and I'm cutting the excuses. I'm going to the gym to finally get this extra weight off! Look out summer, I'm gonna be lookin' hot in a 2 piece bikini!" 


2 weeks later, the motivation has faded, so you're on the couch stuffing your face with Oreos and binging on Netflix.


Here's the thing...forming a habit is simple. The hard part is being aware of the triggers that cause you to give up and having enough dedication to follow through with your new routine. 


The most important things in making exercise a habit is identifying a CUE and a REWARD


Cue: A cue is what makes you feel the urge for a habit. 

For example- you come home from a long day and see that your hubby bought your favorite ice cream. Just seeing the ice cream is a cue because that gives you the urge to eat it. 


My exercise cue: I lay out my clothes the night before. Some people sleep in their workout clothes, but I just throw them on first thing when I get up. They're in the same place every day, I do it at the same time, it's basically a ritual. 


Other ideas for cues: drink a full glass of water, stretch routine, do some jumping jacks. 


Next step

Reward: A reward is what you get from your habit; like a craving

For example-from the ice cream scenario above, the reward is that temporary sugar rush or feeling some sort of relief after eating it. That's why you crave it in the first place!


My rewards: Feel good endorphins-you know what these are if you've ever been on an exercise regimen. Problem is, even with this awesomeness, we can still fall off the wagon. So, AFTER I workout, I drink my shake. I use Shakeology sometimes (which is great!), right now I'm drinking Level Thrive Lifestyle mix. I tend to need variety every once in a while, and I'm really digging their shakes. 


Other ideas for rewards: have a cup of tea or coffee, eat breakfast, take a sweaty selfie



I attached a diagram that should help you figure out your cues and rewards. You can take a current habit and transform it into a healthier one using this model or create a new habit, like exercise!  



If you need help making sense of it all, feel free to shoot me a message. It's sometimes easier from the outside looking in. Also, if you want to learn about this in depth, there's a book called The Power of Habit which has all this info and more. 


You can do this! 



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