It's time to clear the air of diet culture and be REAL.


Starting a health journey can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.


Having the right person in your corner can make all the difference.


Hey there, I'm Tina.
Just a southern, hippie chick with a big love for Health and Happiness.

I've come to realize why so many women have difficulty sticking to their health, fitness, and life goals.  I want to help change that.
I work with women who want to feel confident, strong, and sexy in their own skin.  Women who want to be the best version of themselves. Women who have flaws and imperfections, because that's where the real beauty comes from.
Are you ready to be your best self? 



Tina Holder



One on One Coaching

Whether you need some clarity on where to start with your health journey, or want to build a full on plan of how to reach your goals, I can help!


8 Weeks to Break the Cycle

An 8 week health coaching program that helps you stick to your goals, for real this time!

Week 1: Intro Session and Setting Intentions

Week 2: Body Love Workshop

Week 3: Get Yo' Mind Right!

Week 4: Why Diets Don't Work

Week 5: Nutrition-What you NEED to Know

Week 6: Build a Meal Plan

Week 7: Exercise Strategy

Week 8: Stress Reduction & Self Care


Mobile Personal Training

1 hour session


Bundle of 3 sessions per week

$50 per session

*local only-Greenbrier, Springfield, Goodlettsville, White House


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